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 Event: DTA 2013 Ugadi Celebrations (Viewed 10019 times)
Event Date:    5/4/2013
Start Time:    4:30 PM
End Time:    11:00 PM
Category:    Community
West Bloomfield High School
4925 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48323

Contact:    DTA Executive Committee
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Detroit Telugu Association Executive Committee would like to "THANK ALL THE FAMILIES" for the great support in making the 2013 Ugadi Event a successful event that will be remembered for years to come. DTA seems to be rewriting history as it breaks its own records of putting up out of the norm events. This was evident last Saturday night when DTA welcomed and celebrated the Telugu New Year "Vijaya Nama Samvatsaram". The celebrations were kicked off with much gaiety and enthusiasm on May 4th 2013, at West Bloomfield High School. The evening began with a feast of traditional food provided by the local Aahar Restaurant including the unique and savory "Ugadi Pachadi".
2013 Executive Committee started a new chapter in DTA history where tradition and technology integrated seamlessly to deliver a spectacular evening. Sri Venkateswara Temple Priest Sri.Rajagopalachari garu delivered a message explaining the significance of the New Year through digital telecast after which he offered prayers in person on the stage. The programs that followed were sensational in appearance and outstanding in effect. Each item was nothing short of a mini theatrical production with ever changing backdrops of panoramas displaying the names and photos of the performers, and item specific sceneries. The audience were in awe at the dramatic setting on the stage decorated by Sirisha Uppalapati, Sirisha Ravipati, Ramesh Gogineni that included a typical yet nostalgic village scene from India complete with a hay hut, bullock cart and a mango tree full of ripe mangoes (peratilo mamidichettu), emblematic of the season in which Ugadi is celebrated.
The attendance exceeded the auditorium capacity prompting organizers to provide additional seating in the aisles. The spectators were spell bound as 275 talented individuals performed 32 items over five and half hours. Even though the performances went into the late hours of the night, the sense of "you move, you lose" was very evident as everyone stayed glued to their seats witnessing the exceptional talents of American born Indian kids dancing away to the traditional and classical notes as well as energetic and scintillating Tollywood beats. We are sure that all the attendees have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the event. The enthusiasm shown by all the audience and the talent of our next generation children of all ages are heartwarming and we appreciate the amount of time spent by parents and choreographers to bring out the best from the kids. The evening was just not dance and music, brilliant kids who excelled in Chess, Robotics, and other competitions were also recognized and honored, and volunteers were acknowledged and appreciated.
I would like to appreciate the efforts of my executive committee members Venugopal Suraparaju, Jithendra Bondada, SrinivasRaju Dhenuvakonda, Venkat Adapa, Sridevi Gogineni, Ramesh Peddeti, Praveen Jettipalle, Karan Poreddy, Kishore Tammineedi, Ajai Kodali, Mallikarjun Padukone and Harsha Anche for helping in raising the membership levels to create a history in DTA. Special thanks to all our sponsors for their support and would like to request you all to extend your support to their business as appropriate. Dr. Sai Kumar Lingam garu, Dr. Hanumaiah Bandla garu and Dr. Srinivas Kodali garu presented mementoes to our sponsors showing appreciation for their support.
Well organized and coordinated efforts by our Cultural Secretary Sridevi Gogineni, Student Coordinator Leela Prasad (Chichu), Youth Coordinator Anurag Koduri, Stage Coordinator Sirisha Uppalapati and Audio Video Coordinator Vamsi Devabhaktuni maximized the evening's entertainment which ended with the grand finale of an extravagant dance drama depicting Tollywood love story performed by the gorgeous girls and handsome boys of the youth committee and choreographed by Priya Adusumalli, Yamini Mada and directed by talented young chap Leela Prasad Pamidimukkala (Chichu). The 35 minute production with 40 teenagers was all encompassing with punch dialogues, elaborate dance routines, synchronized movements, and costume changes for every scene. This grand performance from the DTA Youth team reflects their keen interest and we are proud to say that one of the key objectives of this year's DTA Executive committee is to encourage them to be more involved, not only in the Telugu community but in the broader community service activities.
All in all, Detroit Telugu Association's 2013 Ugadi celebration was an exhilarating event that mesmerized the audience for hours and will be talk of the town for months to come. Before we conclude, we would like to once again thank all the DTA members and their families for the support extended. We sincerely request to you all to continue the same support for the upcoming events not only this year, but forever.

Below are the links for the event pictures and Videos. The original high (HD) quality videos will be made available to the choreographers in the next few days.

Pictures Link

# Program Link Participant Names
1 Welcome Message Raghu Ravipati
2 Panchanga Sravanam Panchanga Sravanam by Sri. Rajagopalachari garu
3 Bharathanatyam (Pushpanjali) Anu Kumar, Shivani Kumar, Ragav Gadam, Anirudh Kundurthy, Varnika Reddy Jakka,Likitha Gidijala --- Iswarya Kumar
4 Barbie girls and handsome boys Hansa Chowdary Gondi, Nandini Pemmada, Shivani Kasula, Gowtham Pallapothu, Ritvik Gundlur,Prabhav Marla -- Manorama Gondhi
5 Happy Days Rithika Varanasi, Sreehitha Mandalappa, Gita Bhupathiraju, Yashika Ambati, Chandravadana Koneru, Manvi Boppana, Samhita Chaganti -- Sriranjita Chitrapu
6 Little Darlings Joshua Renny, Piya Reddy, Sarayu Pinnamareddy, Gowtham Kantamneni, Kaushal Gadde, Anisha Thoom,Nandini Anche, Rishith Yellu, Ankitha Yalamanchi, Eesha Kodali, Sai Siddharth Kodali, Vijval Nandigala, Abhiram Gannamaneni, Nandita Talluri -- Renny Joy
7 Amazing Girls (Dance) Varnika Reddy Jakka, Jaanvi Reddy Muchanthla, Ishya Dorasami, Eesha Atluri, Samhitha KondaReddy -- Iswarya Kumar
8 Dance Medley by "Chakkani Chukkalu" Daisy Jakkula, Medha Jakkula, Sveya Gujja, Akarsha Vejjupalli, Samhitha Yerrakalva -- Manjula Jakkula
9 Badshah Anushka Malay, Ashriya Sunkara, Deepthi Munagapati, Jagdish Munagapati, Saketh Nimmagadda, Rana Nogoji,
Saanvi Balusu, Saiathri  Katragadda -- Sriranjita Chitrapu
10 Sponsors & Chess Tournament Sponsor Recognition & Chess Tournament Prize Distribution
11 Matsya Avtar Trishul Kalapuram, Vikram Vallapareddy, Ashwin Surapaneni, Shrey Devulapalli, SaiVaishnavi Dhenuvakonda, Aneesha Mantripragada, Krithi Jaligama, Varsha Nama, Varsha Reddy, Vikhyati Pallerla, Anusha Santhapur -- Renny Joy
12 Rainbow Rockstars Eashan Daram, Nirvan Daram, Anirudth Kunduruthy, Likitha Gidijala, Kareena Ashok, Ava Mandhare, Ajay Annamalai, Eesha Atluri -- Iswarya Kumar
13 Palike Gorinkalu Aadya Doma, Esha Bingi, Srikruti Vinnakota, Suhitha Kotala, Vidya Peruri -- Sunitha Vinnakota
14 Jabardasth Sanvika Nandimandalam, Veda Mantena, Suprita Nagali, Sanjana Datla, Mahitha  Pentakota, Srila Kodati, Samaira  Sandil -- Sriranjita Chitrapu
15 Classical Dance-Natanam Anjali Chiravuri, Sumana Tangirala, Sriya Vallapareddy, Vikshita Pallerla -- Hemalatha Bhamidipati
16 Unique Stars Saharsh Kannegulla, Akshay Gajjala, Anish Gubbala, Preetam Goli, Teerdha Segu, Ritika Jala - Rohan Kannegulla
17 Ganapati Bappa Morya Nikhil Mantena, Advaith Bommishetty, Vihaar Nandigala, Hareesh Ragav, Srikar Kante, Pranav Kante, Ashrith Bandla, Rohith Koka, Amal Thoom, Varun Boyapati -- Renny Joy
18 Youth Coordinator - Anurag Koduri Community Events & Announcements
19 Pillalu kadu Pidugulu Sanhitha Somsagar,  Sahas Nandimandalam, Neeraj Suraparaju, Saanvi Gorumuchu, Ayush Lachhireddygari, Navya Madipalli, Chatanya Ganugapati, SaiSuhit Kankanalapalli, Saanvika Nandimandalam, Shivaansh Paturi, Praneet Lokineni, Navdeep Sirigiri, Rishabh Lokineni, Sherya Kankanalapalli, Srihitha Somsagar, Harshitha Challa,Neha Challa, Sravani Bondada, Saratchandra Bondada, Subhash Bachu, Rohan Doddapaneni  -- Swathi Somsagar, Seema Gorumuchu
20 Group Singing (Title song from Life is Beautiful) Rushil Mantripragada, Sujith Cherukuri, Alekhya Pratapa, Vikshitha Pallerla -- Kalyani Mantripragada
21 Ganesh Pancharatnam in Kuchipudi Style Hasini  Bhogi, Harshitha Vangaveti, Vaibhavi Chinthalapudi, Mohitha Katta, Anwitha Poluru, Meghana Aatmakur, Sreshta Gaddam,  Prisha Vyasaraju, Laya Kolla, Vaishnavi Katta, Ashwitha Pidaparthi - Tripura Sundari
22 Movie Dance Medley Raaga Sirani, Bhavya Yanamandra, Srija Atluru, Sahil Devulapalli, Suchit Thummalapally, Arjun Boorgula, Sahith Nannapaneni, Ashritha Dasari -- Manorama Gondhi
23 Anybody Can Dance…Even Lord Ganesha Too Trishul Reddy Kalapuram, Vikram Vallapareddy, Ashwin Surapaneni, Saman Maramreddy, SaiVaishnavi Dhenuvakonda, Roshitha Thakur, Aneesha Mantripragada, Anusha Santhapur, Srinivas Raju Dhenuvakonda, Jogeswara Rao Peddiboyina, Jayaprada Dhenuvakonda, Gowri Santhapur -- Trishul Kalapuram
24 Mirchi Magic Anirudh Bommanaveni, Aryan Venkatacherry, Pranav Tammineedi, Kavin Kukunoor, Akhil Basani, Rithika Aytha, Sanjana Vadrevu, Sahithi Cheekala, Eshitha Devang, Rashmita Raghunathan -- Renny Joy
25 Mirchi Rockers Abhishek Pemmada, Nikhil Suraparaju, Abhinav Nannapaneni, Rohan Kannegulla, Manasvi Goli, Neha Thummalapally, Megha Gondi, Srihitha Somsagar, Megha Gajjala -- Manorama Gondhi
26 Crazy Boyz Sai Vepa, Sohan Madishetty, Arnav Mummineni, Pranav Goli, Karthik Jonnalagadda, Havish Poluru -- Prasanna Bhamidipati
27 English Vinglish Anvita Chitrapu, Meghana Lanka, Meghana Reddy, Manasa  Damarla, Sahasra Gangireddy, Divya Chigurupati, Sreejani Kanuri -- Sriranjita Chitrapu
28 Rain Dance Eesha Aytha, Apoorva Bommanaveni, Anushka Basani, Manvitha Mogalayapalli, Tanvi Pinnamareddy, Anagha Jammalamadaka, Nishita Inapuri, Shriya Reddy, Swathi Thippireddy ,Rishika Pinreddy-- Renny Joy
29 Krishna Dance Shrey Devulapalli , Rohit Goru, Rohan Jettipalli, Hardeek Nichanametla, Tanish Nichanametla, Mukund Jay, Anish Gogineni, Abhiram Thetali, Vikram Vallapareddy, Sanjay Koka, Nikhil Suraparaju, Ashwin Surpaneni, Prathima Rao -- Prathima Devulapalli
30 Thematic Dance Medley Trishika Kalapuram, Mahitha chandra, Sivani Kasula, Rachitha Thakur, Rushil Mantripragada, Vivek  Santhapur, Sri Nand  Anumolu, Harshith Reddy, Siddartha Reddy, Trishul Kalapuram  -- Trishul Kalapuram
31 Dance Medley Amulya Velaga, Pranavi Jarugula, Sonia Konduru, Uma  Pentaota, Sweta Munagapati, Anvitha Chitrapu -- Sriranjita Chitrapu
32 Sparkly Girls (Dance) Anu Kumar, Shivani Kumar, Priyanka Gadam, Priyanka Vikram, Ruchira Ankireddy, Roshini Ankireddy -- Iswarya Kumar
33 Boys -Dance Medley Tarun Tangirala, Abhinav Vallabhaneni, Srimaan Kolankuduru, Vishal Boyapati, Rahul Anche, Srinand Nukala, Manish Kota, Rahul Dukkipati, Haymant Yerneni , Nihaal Bandla-- Renny Joy
34 Prema Pedda Problem
(A Confused Love Story) A Funny Dance Skit by the DTA YOUTH  -- Yamini Mada, Priya Adusumilli & Leela Prasad Pamidimukkala (Chichu)

DTA 2013 Executive Committee is very excited to invite you all for the 2013 Ugadi Celebrations on May 4th, 2013!

We have received tremendous response to participate in the cultural activities. As we have reached the maximum time limit, Online registration to participate in the Ugadi cultural activities is CLOSED now. The executive committee will notify you if there are any cancellations or more openings.

Download the participation rules and guidelines in PDF format.

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