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Detroit Telugu Association

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(Approved on Jan 19th, 2008)

The following By Laws are to be strictly adhered to by all DTA officials. The By Laws are issued as per the article 9 of the DTA constitution. When an issue is not covered in the By Laws, Robert's rules are to be followed.


Duties of the Executive Committee's Officials:

A. The President shall call and preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body. He/she shall serve as the official spokesman of the DTA. File tax returns with help from Treasurer.

B. The President-Elect shall serve as the coordinator of all activities as may be assigned to him/her by the President and the Executive Committee. He/she shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

C. The General Secretary shall serve as the coordinator of all the activities of the Executive Committee, and the General Body. He/she shall be responsible for maintaining records and all other documents of the DTA.

D. The Cultural Secretary shall serve as the organizer for the cultural events of the DTA. He/she shall gather, compile and conduct all the cultural events.

E. The Publications Secretary shall be responsible for organizing the Vaarthaavahini (the official newsletter of DTA), DTA directory and maintain the official web-site for DTA.

F. The Treasurer shall be the official bookkeeper of DTA's finances related to operating funds and life membership dues, and shall be responsible for all the collections and the annual dues from the members. The Treasurer will provide a written report of all assets and liabilities of the DTA to the General Body at the last function of the year or the first function of the year after. Prepare necessary information to file tax returns and coordinate filing tax returns with President

G. The Joint-Treasurer shall assist Treasurer in collecting membership dues and help in any/every other area that Treasurer needs help. Promote joining new DTA members with the help of other Executive committee members and youth members.

H. The Members At-Large and Youth Members shall assist in the smooth operation of the Executive Committee's functions. Youth Members are full pledged voting members of the Executive Committee only in the decision making process related to youth activities. The preference shall be given to graduating high school seniors for the Youth Members. Efforts shall be made to give equal representation to both genders.

I. If any member of the Executive Committee or does not attend three consecutive meetings without a valid reason, he/she shall cease to be the member of that body and may be replaced.

J. Nominated positions: The members for these nominated positions are proposed by the DTA President and must be approved by the DTA Executive Committee. These nominated members are not voting members of the DTA Executive committee. Sports Coordinator – Coordinate and conduct all DTA sports activities during picnic and any other events during the year. Student Coordinator – Keep an open communication channel between DTA and foreign students from near by Universities. Recruit volunteers as needed basis from the foreign student population.


Relationship with Sri Venkateswara Temple and Cultural Center:

A. A 501(C)(3) corporation under the name “Sri Venkateswara Temple & Cultural Center” was incorporated in 2007 upon approval of the DTA General Body to build and manage the temple and cultural center.

B. Land and other financial assets managed by the DTA Building Committee were transferred to the new corporation with benefits to DTA as described below.

C. Two of the trustees on the board of “Sri Venkateswara Temple & Cultural Center” will be from the elected representatives of DTA preferably President and President-Elect for that year. Incoming DTA President shall provide the two names by December 31st to serve as Trustees for the following year. The selected individuals will serve on the board for a term of one year.

D. DTA will get an office space and a storage space of not less than 120 square feet each in the temple and cultural center at no cost to DTA.

E. DTA can use the cultural center to conduct its sponsored cultural activities six times a year at no cost to DTA. DTA Executive Committee shall provide the schedule for its pre-planned events no later than January 15th for that calendar year. DTA will receive preference in the use of the cultural center for its unplanned events, if there are no prior commitments to the cultural center.

F. DTA can use space in the cultural center to promote Telugu Language, Arts, Culture and DTA Youth activities.

G. Any money donated by the members of DTA to the DTA Building Fund until the close of calendar year 2007 will be credited towards the membership of Venkateswara Temple & Cultural Center.

H. The section of the Bylaws of Venkateswara Temple & Cultural Center titled “DTA Relationship” can be changed only with a written consent by the DTA Executive Committee and 2/3rds vote of the Board of Trustees of the temple and neither party can make unilateral changes. DTA Executive Committee shall follow the procedure in article 11 to revise the bylaws and amend the constitution prior to providing a written consent.



A. At any General Body meeting, the quorum shall consist of one-third of the enlisted membership. In the event that one-third attendance is not possible, the President shall call for another General Body meeting.

B. A Quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of at least 60% of the voting members of the Executive Committee. For the Youth related activities, the quorum will consist of at least 60% of the total committee. For the non-Youth related activities, the quorum will consist of 60% of the Executive committee excluding the Youth members.


Conflicts of Interest:

A. No person shall serve two positions in the DTA organization during the same year.

B. Every effort shall be made within the same family to avoid contesting for positions in the DTA organization during the same year..


Installation of DTA Officers:

In each calendar year, the DTA Executive Committee shall be installed by January 1st of the year. The preferred method of selecting DTA officers is by nomination. The procedures for nominations are given in By Law VI. In the event of a contest, elections shall be conducted as per the Election Procedures given in By Law VII.


Nomination Procedures:

A. Nominations for the President-Elect and all other positions should be received by August 15 by the DTA Executive Committee. Nominations shall be in writing, nominated by a member and seconded by two other members and shall be with the full consent of the candidate to serve the full term of the office.

B. If more than one candidate applies for the same position, all such candidates must be informed and given opportunity and time to withdraw or reconsider their nomination. If two candidates are still contesting for the same position during the same year, elections will be conducted as specified herein under By Law VII.

C. If no nominations are received voluntarily by September 15, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of five members of the DTA in good standing to nominate candidates for all vacant positions by October 15 and submit to the Executive Committee.

D. The candidates recommended by the nominating committee may be approved by a simple majority of the General Body thus concluding the selections of DTA candidates for the following year (there is no need for elections).

E. Some deadlines for DTA election process:

  • All nominations should reach General Secretary by - August 15th,
  • Nominations must be withdrawn on or before - August 25th,
  • Last day to pay DTA membership dues to be eligible for voting (must be a dues paid member for the previous year also) - June 30th,
  • Communicate announcement of elections to candidates on - September 1st,
  • Election committee must be nominated by - September 1st,
  • Voters list (only Member’s name, spouse name, address and phone# information) will be given to contestants and election committee on - September 1st,
  • Ballots will be mailed by - September 15th,
  • Ballots must be returned (post marked) on or before - September 30th,
  • Ballots will be counted during the following weekend after September 30th.

The nominated election committee will decide date and time for ballots counting. Election results must be announced before Deepavali function and new committee must be introduced to the general public at the Deepavali function. The election deadlines must be fully adhered to. President should assume the responsibility for the implementation of these dates.


Election Procedures:

A. Paid DTA member’s list, eligible for voting, must be handed-over to President and President-Elect immediately after June 30th deadline.

B. Nomination fee for DTA positions: $300 for Vice President/President-Elect, $150 for all other Executive committee positions except for Members at large and youth members.

C. Nomination fee will be used to conduct elections if necessary and remaining funds must be deposited into DTA Life member’s CD account. Nomination fee will be refunded if elections are not required. No refunds if there is a need for election on any position.

D. Election committee (3-5 members) will be nominated by current President, President-Elect and shall be approved by DTA Executive Committee.

E. Elections shall be announced by September 1st and shall be completed by no later than October 15th by the Nominating Committee.

F. Ballots shall be mailed to all the DTA members who paid yearly dues by June 30th and must be dues paid member for the previous year also. Ballots shall be mailed to all Life Sponsors and Life members also. One ballot will be mailed to Single DTA members and two ballots will be mailed to Family DTA members.

G. Big enough mailbox must be rented so that all the ballots will be collected only one time just before the counting. At least two election committee members must be present when collecting the ballots from mailbox.

H. Ballots will be counted by the Election committee members and will report final results to the DTA Executive Committee. Contestants may send one representative to the counting..


Limitations of Terms in Office:

The DTA President shall not serve in the same position for more than two consecutive terms.


Record Keeping:

The General Secretary of the DTA Executive Committee shall maintain all records, past and present in good order and document the minutes of meeting and decisions made during the year. The Treasurer of the Trustees for the DTA Building Fund is responsible for the upkeep of the Building Fund activities, financial transactions, and the Trustee's meetings.


Audit Committee:

DTA Executive Committee shall appoint an Audit Committee (minimum of one member), who shall conduct an internal audit of DTA books prior to the presentation of DTA's financial statements to the General Body.


Annual Filing of Statements:

The Executive Committee of the DTA shall file every year, annual or other statements needed by the State of Michigan or other government agencies and maintain a separate file for the past year's submittals.


Membership Fee

A. The DTA encourages everyone to become a member of the association. In order to sustain its activities, the DTA has devised five categories of membership fees. The two categories of Life Membership need full payment at one time.
These are:

  • Life Sponsor - $750
  • Life Member - $500

These fees may be changed for the future members by the general body. Such changes do not apply to prior Life Members. The annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Annual Family Membership - $50
  • Annual Single Membership - $25
  • Annual Student Membership - $15

B. The DTA may withdraw only interest from the Life Membership account towards their annual membership fee.

C. Revision to the annual membership categories and fees may be proposed by the DTA Executive Committee and get the revision approved by a simple majority of the General Body.


Delegation of the DTA:

A. Delegations and/or liaisons with other organizations shall be selected by the DTA Executive Committee in office when such needs arise


Past President:

The Past President or any member of the previous DTA Executive Committee are valuable resources and are obliged to help the new (current) Executive Committee with the orderly transfer of records and bank accounts. The Past President shall attend the first meeting and may attend routine meetings specially requested by the current Executive Committee. The Past President is not a voting member of the Executive Committee.


Temporary rules for selection and retirement of DTA officials in the years from 1990 through 1993:

A. The first selection for the President-Elect will be for the year 1991. He/she will automatically become the President of DTA in 1992.

B. Current DTA Building 'Ad hoc' Committee members and the President of DTA in 1990 will be the Trustees for 1990. An additional Trustee will be appointed to the Building Fund during 1990 for the balance of the year.

C. Two of the Trustees will retire in the year 1991 and two will be retiring in 1992 and the remaining two will retire in 1993.

D. This By Law will expire in the year 1993.