డెట్రాయిట్ తెలుగు అసోసియేషన్

Detroit Telugu Association

ఏ దేశమేగినా ఎందు కాలిడినా ఏ పీఠమెక్కినా ఎవ్వరేమనినా
పొగడరా నీతల్లి భూమి భారతిని నిలుపరా నీ జాతి నిండు గౌరవము

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(January 19th, 2008)

The original DTA constitution was written on October 17, 1976 and revised subsequently on January 21, 1978, October 14, 1983, April 14, 1987, and October 15, 1989. DTA Executive Committee appointed a Constitution & By-Laws committee which began updating the DTA constitution on February 10, 1990. By-laws are revised subsequently on November 2003.

Articles and Bylaws are revised again in January 2008 and approved on January 19th, 2008 to reflect the dissolution of DTA Building Committee due to the incorporation of a new 501(C)(3) organization to build and manage a temple and cultural center with DTA land and building fund as seed capital for the project.

Please note that the entire DTA constitution is a gender neutral document. Wherever the word he/she is used, it means either.

Guidelines for maintaining DTA member’s privacy:

1. Use DTA member’s e-mail addresses for sending DTA information and other non-profit information only.

2. Do not give the whole DTA members database to anyone to avoid potential misuse.

3. Give only name, address and phone# information to other DTA members if requested.

4. Only DTA Treasurer will maintain the ownership of DTA member’s full database. DTA member’s full database will be shared with only DTA President, DTA Publications Secretary and DTA Building Fund Treasurer as required.

Article 1


This registered, non-profit organization, in the State of Michigan, USA, shall be known as the Detroit Telugu Association (DTA).

Article 2


A. To encourage and promote the religious, and cultural functions of the Telugu community.

B. To invite and honor literary, scientific, and religious dignitaries of interest to the DTA members.

C. To promote better communication among the DTA members.

D. To act as an agency to collect donations for educational and socio-economical development of the needy, and transfer funds to charities.

E. To organize other functions as required, which will involve the participation of the DTA member.

Article 3

Membership & General Body:

Membership is open to all those interested in the activities and functions of DTA. The DTA members are defined as those who paid the annual dues as specified in the By Laws. Membership includes husband, wife and dependent youth over 18 years of age. (People over age of 25 are not considered as dependents). All such members constitute the General Body of DTA.

Article 4

Governing Body:

A. Executive Committee: "The governing powers of DTA shall be vested in an Executive Committee, consisting of a President, President-elect, General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Publications Secretary, Treasurer, Joint-Treasurer, four Members At Large, and a minimum of five to a maximum of ten Youth Members."

B. The services to the DTA Executive Committee are voluntary and there shall be no remuneration to any officers. This is a service to the community.

C. Eligibility for nomination to DTA Executive Committee: Life Members or the Members who paid annual dues for the current year and the past year. In addition, the nomination for a President-Elect is eligible only if he/she served on the Executive Committee in the past for at least one full term.

D. The duties of each elected official will be as provided in the DTA By Laws.

Article 5

Term of Office:

Each member of the Executive Committee shall serve for one year.

Article 6

Installation of DTA Officials:

Each year a new DTA Executive Committee will be installed. Procedures shall be as provided in the DTA By Laws.

Article 7


The order of succession to the presidency within the stipulated period until the next election shall be the President-Elect, General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Publications Secretary and the Treasurer. In the event of a vacancy in the Executive Committee, Executive Committee shall nominate an eligible member of DTA as specified by the DTA By Laws for the vacated office at their next scheduled meeting. Such person shall serve until the next election.

Article 8


A. The DTA Executive Committee shall maintain two separate accounts; one for the DTA operating funds and second for depositing the life membership dues. There shall be signatures of the President and Treasurer of the Executive Committee to operate the first and second accounts.

B. Signatures of the above-mentioned DTA officers & members will be filed with the financial institution along with a copy of the constitution.

Article 9

By Laws:

DTA operations shall be carried as per the DTA By Laws.

Article 10

Agent and Office:

The President of the DTA each year will be the registered agent of the DTA and his/her residence will be the registered office of the DTA at no cost to the association.

Article 11

Revisions and Amendments to the By Laws and the Constitution:

Revisions to the By Laws and amendments to the constitution may be initiated by the Executive Committee and referred to an 'Ad hoc' Constitution and By Laws committee of five members appointed by the Executive Committee. Such a committee will study, evaluate alternatives, and make their recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will present the revisions to the General Body for approval. Revisions to By Laws shall be approved by 2/3 of the General Body members present at the meeting. Amendments to the constitution shall be approved by 3/4 of all enlisted General Body Members.

Article 12

In the case of dissolution, all assets shall be distributed to such organization which subscribes to the ideals as those of DTA and are qualified as tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provisions of a future United States Internal Revenue Law.