డెట్రాయిట్ తెలుగు అసోసియేషన్

Detroit Telugu Association

ఏ దేశమేగినా ఎందు కాలిడినా ఏ పీఠమెక్కినా ఎవ్వరేమనినా
పొగడరా నీతల్లి భూమి భారతిని నిలుపరా నీ జాతి నిండు గౌరవము

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(September 28th, 2015)

The original DTA Constitution and Bylaws were written in October, 1976 and subsequently revised in January 1978, October 1983, April 1987, October 1989, February 1990, November 2003, and lastly in January 2008.

The current amendments were aimed at streamlining the articles to keep only the essential principles in the constitution, while leaving the details of day to day operations to the Bylaws. Complete details of the changes to the constitution and the rationale as well as the amended DTA constitution is provided on this page. Please follow the link(s) below to access the amended constitution before participating in the approval process:

DTA 2015 New Constitution as Amended by Bylaws and Constitution Committee

Rationale behind the amendments can be obtained from the below link:

DTA 2015 Notes on Constitution Amendments

The current approval process is ONLY for amendments to the DTA Constitution. Updated Bylaws will be posted soon on DTA website for your review. General Body approval of amended Bylaws will be sought during the DTA Deepaavali event on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

Note: Please read both documents provided here before proceeding further in the approval process. Please use the link provided in the email you received from DTA to participate in the approval process.